3 Bedroom Villa

1 unit 3 Bedroom Villa is available

Noah Villa accommodation comprises of three bedroom villas and a communal building facilitated with kitchen and outdoor porch by the pool to have a friendly lunch or dinner together for small party of people or family. The pool of Noah Villa symbolizes everlasting prosperity and its water runs down to make waterfall feature into an exotic sound heard from Noah Wedding Chapel which is located just beside. Limitless bay view from the top of the pool characterizes the luxurious Noah Villa as a retreat or romantic honeymoon villa for those looking for luxury villas in Jimbaran.

Three bedroom villa within the compound of Noah Villa are named after the offspring of Noah. Sam is the main bedroom villa with all the modern amenities, including safe deposit box and spacious wardrobe. The bathroom is equipped with fantastic rain shower and a direct access to the pool. White furs and elegant chandeliers highlight the king size bedroom that is enwrapped in classic style and with a view over the pool, Jimbaran, and Noah Wedding Chapel.

Japhet is the second main villa with a more modest location with windows facing Noah Wedding Chapel on one side and outdoor garden on the other side. A king size bed with mirrors and crystal chandelier feature this charming villa which is hidden in between the gardens beside Sam, the main room of Noah 3 Bedroom Villa in Jimbaran.

Ham is the third room which is set within a walking distance from the pool. With a king size bed and chandelier and mirrors atop it, comfort has merged its definition into this smart bedroom villa. Natural light comes through its windows befriended by a view over Noah Wedding Chapel. Safe Deposit Box is available in each of the villa to provide The three luxury villas allure one’s attention after the stylish Noah Wedding Chapel. After all, they are inseparable elements of Noah Villa, the private holiday villa in Bali.